Ong King Art Center 8pm - 11pm

Welcome to the Hawaii Jitterbugs website!

We are a non-profit orginization dedicated to preserving and promoting Lindy Hop & Swing Dancing in Hawaii. Still in beta testing right now please let me know what you think.

If you were a member of the old you'll have to reregister for this site.

HJ General Meeting and Elections!

Hawai'i Jitterbugs General Meeting
Thursday, Jun 4, 2015 from 7-8pm (Ong King Art Center)

Come out to our annual meeting to learn more about our scene's inner workings, vote for this year's Executive Committee, learn how you can help get involved, and share your thoughts and ideas about swing dancing here in Honolulu!

The executive board for our 501(c)3 non-profit is made up of 5 positions:
Administrator (current officer: Deb Eason)
Venue Manager (Anna Smolentzov)
Instruction Manager (Evan Yashiki)
Outreach & Promotion (Christine Cabalo)
Finance Manager (Brent Earl)

If you're interested in running for office, please let us know! Contact Deb or any of the officers listed above for more information. All candidates must register their intention to run with Deb Eason (808-780-4641 or NO LATER than Thu May 28 at 11pm!

Int/Adv Balboa (May 2015)

Feed your Bal addiction with a new round of Int/Adv classes! Classes can be taken as a drop-in or series package; practice later that evening open to all. Pre-req for all classes: you MUST be comfortable with basic Bal-Swing moves (e.g., crossovers, lollies, toss-outs).

Class schedule:
Sundays 6:30-7:30pm -- class (4 weeks, starting May 17)
(followed by Beg Series 7:45-9pm)
9-10pm -- open practice (non-students welcome!)

Swively-Swavely Timey-Wimey Stuff (May 17, May 24) –- Play with timing variations in your swivels (part 1, May 17), pop-turns, and more (part 2, May 24). We’ll experiment with stretching time for more dynamic dancing, with either the lead or follow initiating.

Takin' it Slow (May 30, Jun 7) –- While it has a reputation for blazing tempos and fast feet, Balboa actually can be (and was!) danced to a wide variety of tempos. Class will focus on slowing things down and using all that extra time in the music. Learn some new moves plus good technique for all speeds.

Pricing: $15/class, or discount package: $12/class for 3 or more classes
Instructors: Deb and Wes
Location: Manoa Dance Studio, 2851 E Manoa Rd, Ste 1-207 (upstairs)

Shoes with leather or suede soles recommended. No partner required.
Questions? Registrations? Contact Deb for more info.

Beginning Balboa - Level I (May 2015)

Interested in learning Balboa? Join us for a 4-week Beginning Balboa series starting Sunday, May 17. Class will cover the fundamental building blocks of Balboa and Bal-Swing, focusing on connection and technique for the social dance floor. No partner or experience necessary. Series is progressive, but experienced drop-ins are welcome with instructor permission. Class includes a FREE practice afterwards (9-10pm).

Date/Time: Sundays, 7:45-9pm -- May 17, 24, 31, Jun 7
*** FREE Practice 9-10pm (open to everyone)
Instructors: Deb & Wes
Pricing: $50 for 4 weeks, or $15/class (1st week, or experienced drop-ins)
Location: Manoa Dance Studio, 2851 E Manoa Rd, Ste 1-207

Have you taken Balboa with us before? Discounts available to folks wanting to brush up on their basics (see Deb for details).
Shoes with a leather or suede sole recommended. Questions? Contact Deb for more information: email or (808)780-4641.

Beginning Lindy Hop Swing (Jun-Jul 2015)

Come out and learn to swing dance (or brush up on your basics!) with the Hawai'i Jitterbugs — 6-week beginning swing class starts Jun 4, 7-8pm. No partner or experience necessary! Series includes FREE admission to the dance afterwards (Thursdays from 8-11pm at Ong King Art Center).

Date/Time: Thursdays, 7-8pm — Jun 11-Jul 16 (DATES TENTATIVE! Please check back to confirm)
Instructor(s): TBA
Pricing: $60 for 6 weeks
$15/class (first night only)
Location: Ong King Art Center

Sunday Dance Practice

What: A Balboa Practice!
When: Sundays evenings (see schedule below)
Where: Manoa Dance Studio (2851 E Manoa Rd, Ste 1-207, Honolulu, 96822)
Why: Because (1) Balboa is awesome, and (2) who doesn't want another night of dancing?

Upcoming Schedule:
May 3, 2015: 7-10pm
May 10: 7-10pm
May 17: 9-10pm*
May 24: 9-10pm*
May 31: 9-10pm*
Jun 7: 9-10pm*
Jun 14: 7-10pm
Jun 21: 7-10pm

* Class beforehand! (shorter practice)

Come practice your Balboa, review stuff from the workshop, exchange moves and ideas with your peers, or fix that trouble-spot. Or just come and dance. That's cool too.

The practice structure will be very informal and social dance conventions need not apply: if you want to work with the same person for 30 mins, you can; if you want to bring dance videos to reconstruct moves from, do it. We'll play Bal-friendly music at a variety of tempos, and we won't even kick you out if you Lindy Hop to it (but we do reserve heckling rights).

Everyone welcome... even if you've never danced a Balboa basic in your life! There will NOT be any formal instruction, but people will be on-hand to provide feedback or assistance if requested. Kind of like office hours.

Small donation ($3-5) requested so we can keep the lights on.

Swing Ong King

Swing Ong King

Swing every Thursday night with the Hawaii Jitterbugs! 8-11pm, $5 cover, FREE beginner lesson included 8-8:30pm.

The Ong King Art Center
184 N King Street, Honolulu, HI 96817

Located in the heart of Chinatown in downtown Honolulu, The Ong King Art Center has a fast dance floor, a fun, quirky ambiance, and you can bring your own drinks (including alcohol). It's air conditioned and has a small outdoor area for hanging out. Street parking is free at night, or there are several parking garages in the area. For more information, contact Corbett by email or at (808) 351-8972.

**The LAST Thursday of every month is VINTAGE NIGHT! Vintage and/or dressy attire highly encouraged, but not required. :)

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